Rooms Available

Standard Rental Features

All rentals are subject to the following standard rental features, in addition to the rental prices provided for each room:

  • $25 / hour per bartender (for duration of bar hours for your event)
    Two (2) bartenders will be used for any events exceeding 100 guests
  • $100 bar supply fee for 100+ guests ($50 for smaller events)
  • All rentals require a $165 liability insurance policy (waiver available for certain Reading Room rentals)
  • Member discounts can be found in the specific details of each room
  • (*) Discount applies to Lodge #54 members only; member must attend and pay for event.

Lodge Room / Ball Room

The Lodge Room / Ball Room is the largest room available to rent in the club. The room is perfect for weddings, seminars, banquets and more!

Room Specifics

  • Price: $500
  • Capacity: 250 guests
  • Full Bar Available
  • Simple Buffet Line Setup
  • $200 Member Discount*

Pub Room

The Pub Room is a perfect room for medium-sized gatherings where privacy and entertainment is key. Enjoy the pool table, dart boards, shuffle board and your own private bar during your event!

Room Specifics

  • Price: $300
  • Capacity: 80 guests
  • Full Bar Available
  • Simple Buffet Line Setup
  • $75 Member Discount*

Dining Room

The Dining Room is a great room to book for special dinners, banquets, and meetings. With the second largest capacity, this room can meet the needs of many different types of events for different groups of people.

Room Specifics

  • Price: $450
  • Capacity: 175 guests
  • Plated Meal Service Available
  • Simple Buffet Line Setup
  • $100 Member Discount*

Reading Room

The reading room is a quaint, cozy and private room perfectly designed for private gatherings, dinners, board meetings, business meetings or other special gatherings of 40 or fewer guests.

Room Specifics

  • Price: $100
  • Capacity: 40 guests
  • *Insurance Waived if no alcohol is consumed
  • $25 Member Discount*

(*) $165 Liability Insurance Waiver available if no alcohol is consumed during the event. Price reflects the insurance waiver applied.